Character Creation


Talk to the Dm about what class you wish to play.
- Once you have chosen a class remember that it is not permanent for the entire campaign and that you will have opportunities to play other roles in the future. I will not penalize you for a mistake, but frequent class switching however will not be permitted.
- If you would like to play a class not in PHB or PHB2 please clear it with the DM first.
- The Dm may at their discretion offer custom built classes or allow you to play a class you created on your own.
—- If this is the case, please allow the DM more time to construct or go over the non-WOTC class before allowing it for play.
—- At any time through out the game the DM reserves the right to horribly kill any character and revoke that class from possible options. Doing so will not incur an XP penalty or any loss of- wealth for the character and will only be done in extreme measures after consulting with the entire group.

Rolling for ability scores must be done with the DM present.
- You may start the campaign with an 18 and an 8 then roll (4d6 drop the lowest) for your remaining scores
- Or you may roll 4d6 drop the lowest for all six scores.
- Any scores below an 8 you may re-roll until they are an 8 or higher.
- If you are not pleased with your scores, please talk to the DM right away to see if you need to re-roll.

Races follow the same selection rules that classes do. ie, Changeable down the line (less opportunity), PHB, PHB2, Consult with DM, non-WOTC optional, DM can eviscerate after consulting group.
- After racial modifiers are applied, no stat can be below a 6.
- Alternate versions of races do exist, please consult with your DM if you can’t find a race that seems to fit your character concept.

Skills are a vital part to this campaign.
- If your int is 10 or higher, you will get 1 additional skill point at each level (4 additional at first level).
- If your int is 13 or higher, you may treat 1 additional skill as if it where a class skill with DM’s approval.
—- Explanation for this skill is required in the characters back story
- If your int is 16 or higher, you receive another additional skill point along with the bonus for having an int of at least 10.
- Professions, or crafts are encouraged and will be incorporated into the campaign.

- Roll d6s instead of d4s for starting gold.
- Roll until you beat your class average.
- If you do not wish to roll for gold you may take any standard starting package for your class (or one of equal value) published in a WOTC book
- In addition to starting gold all players start the campaign with an item of approximately 1000gp that the DM will approve.
—- This item should be portable (no statues) as it will accompany you on your journey.
—- This item should play some roll in your characters backstory. This should not be an item you would easily part with.
—- Please pick something that fits your character as it will be used for role play and practical purposes.
—- If the item is magical (most will be), the properties must be cleared with the DM before game.
—- The item may not be a wand of any kind, or any single use item, (potions, scrolls, or other consumable)
—- Custom items are possible and encouraged yet require more work to ensure they are balanced so come to the table with ideas.


Character Creation

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